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Phone calls:  For the moment please email us instead.

We hope to be set up to manage phone calls sometime this 2017 school year.

in general, we very much appreciate email communications as we are infrequently "attached" to a desk and/or "office"!


We will sell Direct, however we prefer to have you go through our Resellers whenever possible, as they provide you with both pre and post sale help and training.  

If you decide to order direct, please tell us who referred you, or who your favorite Reseller, Tutor, Trainer is so we can give them the credit.

We ship world-wide for all our Resellers.  Their location does not limit their services.

Crewton Ramone's House of Math, Hawaii, USA

Geoff White, Canada, Asia

Anna Tarnowski, Canada

Anna Tarnowski's Mortensen Math order page

Marilyn Wardrop, Canada


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Combo Kit - Singles - kcom 

Ship cost to HAWAII

As of 05-02-16

        Priority Mail 3 biz days $38.60 ea

Combo Kit - QVP - by the case (4) kcomqvp

QVP = Quantity Volume Pricing

Ship cost to HAWAII

As of 08-02-16

        Priority Mail 3 biz days $66.40 per case

Combo Kit "Combo" - kckc (Combo Kit & M10 - Multiple Tens Kit) singles

Shipping to HAWAII

(as of 01-18-16)

        Priority Mail 3 biz days $28.45

        USPS Retail Ground 2 wks minimum -  $25.03

    Shipping to AUSTRALIA

        As of 08-16-16

        Priority Mail  6-10 Business Days:  $74.60


As of 08-16-16

        Priority Mail 6-10 biz days $73.35

Shipping to ROMANIA

As of 08-05-16

6-10 days Priority Mail Int’l $82.15

3-5 days Priority mail Express Int’l  $100.75

Curriculum Starter Kit - Deluxe -  kcstartdx

N/A yet

Fraction Kit - Singles - kfrac

Ship cost to HAWAII

As of 05-02-16

        Priority Mail 3 biz days $38.60 ea

Fraction Kit - QVP - kfracqvp

QVP = Quantity Volume Pricing

We sell cases of min 6, max 10

Ship cost to HAWAII

As of 05-02-16

        Priority Mail 3 biz days $58.25 case (6-10 Kits per case - still same shipping cost)



Count by 2s:

Mortensen Math with Puppets pre-school kids video:

Having a Party!:

Addition Subtraction Kit:

The Green One has a hip posse - adventuring in this math cosmos!:

Jerry singing Want To Be A Ten song, counting in Russian:


Available Now

The books are all available now.

All Manuals & printed publications are available now.

Level 4 & 5 Books available now

Level 4 Measurement covers Trigonometry - never published previously.

Answer Keys Level 2 - Level 5 are now available (only) by CD

NOTE:  No Answer Key for Level 4 Measurement included yet.

Level 1 Algebra Answer Key can be found in the back of the Algebra Guidebook



High School Transcripts from Montessori School

Former students from RaNae Stellmon's Montessori School - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

The school is no longer in business.  It was active in the 1970's and 1980's.  It went from Pre-School through High School Graduation.  RaNae Stellmon passed away in 1990.

However her daughter,  Marti Mortensen, is the permanent record keeper for student Transcripts.

Contact Marti to request your High School Transcripts at:  

M o n t e s s o r i S c h o o l C d a @


M o r t e n s e n M a t h @

(do not include the spaces)

Marti is working to provide the Coeur d'Alene School District with a digital set of these records for permanent archival access.

It will be announced here when these have been provided.  Expect it to be sometime in 2017 school year.